Galvanized steel CZ purlin roll forming machine China exporter

Galvanized steel CZ purlin roll forming machine China exporter

Fully Automatic Galvanized Steel CZ Purlin Cold Roll Forming Machine High Speed

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Specification of this Galvanized Steel CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine
The main features: This CZ purlin machine adopts the material shelf with a style of cantilever and opening umbrella to put material with no dynamic force. It can adjust the end of the screw mandrel of the material shelf to fit in with steel of different apertures. Easy to operating and its speed of putting materials and the main mounding machine is in phase.This machine adopts Seven Rolls level correction, roll arbors adopt high-quality alloyed steel 40Cr, made with a heat treatment, and it has a perfect effectiveness of level correction to defect band steel. The roller of the principal machine adopts the bearing steel GCr15 to strike, distressing to annealing, quenching, tempering, and Parkerizing, such heat treatment process. The surface hardness reached HRC60 degree. All the rollers are made by the numerical control lather, and this guarantees the accuracy of the roller’s sizes and prolongs its working life.
The set of CZ purlin roll forming machine change the specification by using semicircle retaining ring to adjust. It is convenient for the workers to operate them. Punching structure is of a high-degree automatically system, under the control of computers which have been set beforehand, it can finish wherever technical punching with ease. What it adopts is professional model material Cr12 and cooling model, it will stick to the automatic cooling techniques. Shear gauge is the last process, which can cut any sizes what you want immediately and accurately under the control of the computer. It consists of fluid drive, confectioning, sheared edge and blade adapter. The sheared edge adopts cold-punching mould steel which are processed by the process flow strictly. The results of shearing have a good shape of the head face, low costs, high precision of the sizes, etc. It is the most ideal way of shearing of all the forms.

Parameters of this Galvanized Steel CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

CZ-Shaped Steel Purlin Roll Forming Machine( Steel Thickness=1-4mm)




Machine list

3T passive Uncoiler

1 set


Main roll forming machine

1 set


Punching moulds

2 sets


Control box

1 unit


Hydraulic station

1 unit


Out table 500mm

2 units


Subtotal FOB Shanghai



The main Specifications and Parameter of CZ Purlin Machine 

1. The specification of the rolling production (mm): 80-300×L (see appendix 1)

2. The speed of the roll-in: 12-15M/min

3. The number of the roller: 17

4. The material of the roller: use the excellent hammered steel Cr15 to be quenched as a whole, then to process by numerical control.

5. The material of the principal axis: use the excellent steel No.45 to process.

6. The power of the principal electric motor: 22kw

7. Hydrodynamic station cut: 7.5kW

8. Drive-by-wire system: The whole machine uses the PLC industrial computer to control by frequency conversion.

9. The size of the shape equipment: 10.3×2.3×1.2 (see the appendix 2)

10. The gross weight of the equipment: 15T

11. Accessories: one set of the stacking shelf, one set of leveling mechanism, one set of punching and cutting mechanism, one set of hydrodynamic station, one set of computer control system (Panasonic programmable PLC, touchable display screen, a series of Panasonic transducers, and OMRON encoder) a set of material shelf.

Pictures of this Galvanized Steel CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine


Shaped Steel Purlin


  • (1) Power supplier: 380 V, 50 Hz, 3Phase (adjusted with the requestment)
  • (2) Length & quantity measurement automatically;
  • (3) Length & quantity controlled by PLC,
  • (4) Length inaccuracy can be amended easily.
  • (6). Control panel: Button-type switch and touch screen
  • (7) The language in the touch screen: English and Chinese
  • (8) Unit of length: millimeter (switched on the control panel)


  • Out Table:
  • Length : 3m
  • Quantity: 2 units


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