C purlin quick change1.2-2.5mm roll forming machine

C purlin quick change1.2-2.5mm roll forming machine

C60-250 Purlin Roll Forming Machine C purlin Quick Change1.2-2.5mm roll forming machine

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Specification of this C purlin quick change1.2-2.5mm roll forming machine

The advantages of the  C purlin machine AUTOMATIC size-change type are as follows:1. Produce different purlin sizes without changing rollers or spacers.  No need changing cutter for a different size.

Easy operation, low maintenance cost.  Infinite sizing(any size within machine range), helps to save material.  Optional Punch hole at any position of purlin web side and flange side.

Parameters of this C purlin quick change1.2-2.5mm roll forming machine

Detailed Images of C shaped steel forming machine


Material Thickness(&):1.0-2.0mm, Material Width: about 369mm for C shape and 349mm for U shape

Applicable material: Galvanized Steel Coils, Hot Rolled Coils, Cold Rolled Coils, yield strength 245Mpa or 550Mpa

Machine Components

1)Manual Decoiler: one set

Max. feeding width: 500mm, coil ID range 470mm±30mm

Capacity: Max. 3Ton

2) Cold Rolling Mills:

Rollers manufactured from bearing steel GCr15, precision machined, hard Chrome Coated with thickness 0.04mm(for longer life and anti-rust)

Motor Driving, Gear chain transmission, 14 forming stations and 7 rollers(3 upper rollers and 4down rollers)for straightening and leveling)

Main Motor=7.5KW, Frequency speed control

Forming speed of approx.12-18m/min

3)Hydraulic Cutting device

Post cut, stop to cutting, use the same hydraulic motor drive

hydraulic motor: 5.5KW, Hydraulic pressure range: 0-12Mpa

Cutting tool material: Cr12, Heat treatment

4)PLC Control System(Touch screen brand: Taiwan WEINVIEW, Inverter brand: Finland VOCAN/Denmark Danfoss, Encoder brand: Japan Koyo)

Control the quantity and punching, cutting length automatically

Combined with: PLC, Inverter, Touch Screen, Encoder, etc

Cut-to-length tolerance≤±1mm

Control Voltage 24V

5) Exit Rack Un-powered, two units


Machine Parts

1) C purlin machine punching system

with 3 cylinders (one cylinder for the single hole and 2 cylinders for dual-holes.)

2) C purlin machine rollers

Rollers manufactured from high quality bearing steel GCr15, CNC lathes, Heat Treatment.

with black treatment or Hard-Chrome Coating for options.

With feeding material guide, body frame made from 400# H type steel by welding

3) CZ purlin machine post cutter

No need to change cutter for a different size,

made by high-quality mold steel Cr12 with heat treatment

Cutter frame made from high quality 30mm steel plate by welding
Pre-punching & Pre-cutting, stop to punch, stop to cut
hydraulic motor:7.5KW, Hydraulic pressure range: 0-16Mpa

4) C purlin machine control cabinet

5) C purlin machine decoiler

Manual Decoiler: one set

Un-powered, manually control steel coil inner bore shrinkage and stop

Max. feeding width: 500mm, coil ID range 470mm±30mm

Capacity: Max. 3Ton

With 3 tons hydraulic decoiler for option

6) C purlin exit rack

Un-powered, one unit

3.Other details of C purlin roll forming machine

Suitable for material with thickness 1.2-2.5mm

Shafts manufactured from 45#, Main shaft diameter=φ80mm, precision machined

Motor driving, Gear chain transmission, 16 rollers to form and 7 rollers for straightening and leveling

Main motor=15KW, Frequency speed control. Forming speed of approx.18m/min

PLC Control System (Touch screen brand: German Schneider Electric/Taiwan WEINVIEW,

Inverter brand: Finland VOCAN/Taiwan DELTA/ALPHA, Encoder brand: Japan Koyo/OMRON)

Just adjust required WEB, HEIGHT and LIP by a hand wheel with the help of

position clock(with digit display for easy operation) on it,

and then input the required production data on the touch screen.

It takes only 5-10 minutes to finish all. No need to change rollers or spacers or cutters

like a traditional old-style machine (which takes over 45 minutes for each production size changing).

Combined with: PLC, Inverter, TouchScreen, Encoder, etc

Cut-to-length tolerance≤±2 mm

Control Voltage 24V

Pictures of this C purlin quick change1.2-2.5mm roll forming machine

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