Steel silo corrugated sheet cold roll forming machine 3.0mm

Steel silo corrugated sheet cold roll forming machine 3.0mm

Steel Silo Corrugated Sheet Cold Roll Forming Machine 3.0mm *1250

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Specification of this Steel silo corrugated sheet cold roll forming machine 3.0mm

Now, the assembled silo that is composed of the galvanized corrugated sheet is widely used for the purpose of commercial grain storage around the world, and our assembled silo corrugated sheet roll forming machine is specially designed to manufacture such steel sheets.

Feeding→flatten→punching→ pre-cutting→forming station→correction adjust→post cutting

Parameters of this Steel silo corrugated sheet cold roll forming machine 3.0mm

The feeding unit is mechanically separated from the rest of the production line
Coil holder: a hydraulic mechanism for securing the coiled steel in the device, suitable for the required coil weight;
Steel coil width: from 1250 mm to 1500 mm;
The internal diameter of coil: variable, from 470 mm to 620 mm
Maximal out diameter:1600mm

Maximum coil weight: 10000 Kg;
Coil placement in the coil holder: hydraulic hoist;
Pulling of steel from the coil to the pulling mechanism for the start: manual;
Suitable of the pulling mechanism for all required thicknesses: included;
Device preventing unwinding of the coil from the coil holder: included;
Uncoiled metal compensator: included, assures even feeding at all production speeds;
Oil cylinder dia: 120mm
Working speed: 0-15m/min adjustable
Main motor power: 7.5KW AC motor

Hydraulic power: 5.5kw
Speed controlled by frequency converter brand: Yaskawa
De-coiler should be with Loop control and hold down, and with baffle for forbidding coil to fall down

The decoiler has 4 segments
Color: Blue (or base on customer request)
Quantity: 1


Adjustable center of the forming rollers and of sufficient length to prevent lateral movement of the strip on its entry to flattener.
Feeding type: adjustable

Feeding width range:980-1200mm
Entrance and guide roller: diameter is ¢65mm, the material is SAE1045, HRC48-52° surface with chrome
Quantity: 1

Forming Section:

Material of the profile: 195-235Mpa GI or carbon steel
Thickness range: 3.0-4.0mm
Maximum production speed: not less than 18 meters per minute (for non-perforated profiles, excluding cutting)
Main motor power:60kw, AC motor, the motor inside of the main machine 
Machine Voltage, Frequency, Phase: 380 V, 50 Hz, 3Phase
Roll station:20 stations
Roller material: Gcr15 bearing material chrome-plated surface with hardness 58-62 degree, CNC,
Shaft diameter: ¢150mm material: SAE1045 with quenching and tempering
Transmission: by gearbox 200*500(outside is cast iron, the surface needed polish and paint. Inside is 60# forge and press metal)
Roll former has leveling bolts in the base for adjusting  the leveling
Machine base frame adopt H beam welding steel
In the main roll forming machine have 2 buttons for urgency stop if happen any malfunction.
Machine adopt iron cast as the station to make the machine in strong
To avoid accidents, all of the drive parts adopt protect cover
Color of the machine: Blue and yellow (or base on customer request)

Quantity: 1


Base on customer provide punching drawing, this machine needs to adopt two units hydraulic punching system
The punches will be connected to a single hydraulic unit having a tank, motor, pump, pressure control valves, pressure gauges, solenoid valves, hydraulic hoses, all designed to operate safely at the required operating pressure; also to facilitate changing O-ring they must be of standard size, also consider suitable cooling unit.
The punches and dollies will be CR-12, hardness HRC 58-62 and chrome coating both punches and dollies should be easily replaceable without requiring disassembly of complete units.
The whole punching operation should be automated and controlled by a program installed on the PC which is located in the operator's console.
Hydraulic power: 5.5kw
Working pressure: 12-16Mpa

2.Post Cutting:

The machine adopts hydraulic cutting

Cutting after forming: Cut the sheet after roll forming to the required length
Cutting motion: The main machine automatically stops and the cutting will take place. After cutting, the main machine will automatically start.
The material of blade: CR12with heat treatment
Length measuring: Automatic length measuring
Tolerance of length: 4700mm+/- 2mm

3. Auto stacker and transmission table:

Auto stacker for the reception of the cut profiles: included, allows free unloading of each cut profile and automatic placement on the stack of previously made products, total unit length after assembly – at least 12 meters;
Stacking principle: the top sheet will not damage the sheet below, the profile of the sheet below will match the profile of the top sheet;
Unloading of the finished products (moving of the stack of finished products from the production line): mechanic, it will be possible to pick the stack using a fork-lift or in a similar manner ( fork-lift will be provided by customer).
Take the sheet by the air compressor, 5.5KW( provide by the customer)
Air cylinder swing arm size: 40mmx80mm
Transmission power:4kw AC motor
Stacker length in 12m, transmission table length in 25m
The drive of transmission by 1.0inch double line chain
Transmission roller: ASTM1045 with chrome, the diameter of the roller is in 80mm
Carrying capacity: maximal 5000Kgs
Length of capacity: 500-12000mm
The maximal stacker height: 300mm
Color: blue or base on customer request

4.Hydraulic station

Hydraulic power: 11kw
Working pressure: 20-25Mpa adjustable
Solenoid valve: 3 groups (1 for cutting and 2 for punching)
Hydraulic oil: 46# hydraulic oil
Color; Blue (or base on customer request)

5.Station Curving Machine:

The main spec of the machine:
Thickness: 3-4mm
Maximal feeding width: 1000mm (design base on YX13-76-912 corrugated pipe roll forming machine)
Roll speed:0—10m/min
Main power:30KW

Roll station: 3 stations
Shaft material:45# forge steel, polished and coated with chrome
The diameter of shaft:180mm
The material of roller: Gcr15 steel, polished and with HRC58-62°

Adjust angle motor power: 3KW
The dimension of the machine:2000 mm×1200 mm×1300 mm
Drive-by gearbox
Curving mode: horizontal

Pictures of this Steel Silo Corrugated Sheet Cold Roll Forming Machine 3.0mm

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