The working principle of the ultrasonic external auditory Tape Mask machine

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This network news: The external ear mask machine will be the elastic band in the ultrasonic way to melt into the mask body two outer side, and then complete the ear belt mask finished products, only one operator will be a piece of the mask body on the conveyor belt fixture, the rest of the follow-up action to finished products are automatically operated by the machine, the machine output than the general ear belt machine. Wuxi YBT machinery Equipment co.,ltd is a more than 10-year experience, with a number of independent intellectual property rights of High-tech Enterprises. Since its inception, has been committed to ultrasonic cloth-type sewing equipment research and development, production, sales and ultrasonic technology integration, promotion.

Technical parameter: Machine Name: Automatic external ear with mask machine 1, product model: NK-UMM03 2, Machine size: 2646 (L) *620 (W) *1750 (H) m/m 3, Voltage: Single-Phase 220V 4, Production: 45-55pcs/min 5, air pressure : 6kg/cm2 6, Power consumption: 2.3KW This machine is the production of planar medical masks of the next fully automatic equipment, the machine Automation degree is higher, the mask body feeding → the ear belt automatic feeding → the ear belt weld → The Edge belt cut off → The finished product output → The counting → the finished product stacking → Conveyor belt delivers, may complete the continuous production, has the infrared induction device, stepping feeding device, feeding memory device and so on. Wuxi YBT machinery Equipment co.,ltd. has been committed to the field of ultrasonic automation machinery (automatic mask machine, cutting machine, ultrasonic lace machine, leather Chong punching, embossing machine, automatic ultrasonic plastic welding machine, non-woven bag machine, etc.) research and development, production, sales advisory Whats App: 17768307386


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