Metal plate slitting machine structure

The base is welded by steel and steel plates and is treated qualitatively;
Fixed archway, thickness 180mm-1 pieces; activity archway thickness 100mm-1 pieces; welded steel plate, aging treatment, precision machining of boring machine;
Activity archway manual movement; slide material: QT600; cutter shaft lifting wheel worm pair synchronous lifting, hand wheel manual fine adjustment, lifting round-trip precision is not more than 0.03mm;

Knife shaft: diameter φ120mm (h7), effective length of cutter shaft: 650mm, key width 16mm; material 40Cr forging, quenching and tempering HB240∽260, roughing, intermediate frequency processing, grinding, hard chrome plating, re-grinding; More than 0.02mm, the shoulder jump is not more than 0.01mm.
The rotation of the cutter shaft is driven by the universal joint (2), the synchronous gear box and the power by AC15KW variable frequency speed control. Synchronous gearbox: steel plate welding, qualitative treatment, precision machining of bearing holes in the boring machine, gears are forged with 40Cr, quenched and tempered HB247∽278, quenched HRC38∽45.
The cutter shaft is locked: the nut locks the cutter, and each of the left and right screw nuts;
Blade diameter: ф240mm
The actual size of the above dimensions is matched by the mechanical model.


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