Rock wool composite panels

Rock wool composite panels is on the basis of rock wool board increased the cement mortar plaster, strengthening the stiffness of the rock wool board directly saves the construction, the process of the plaster on the wall in the rock wool board used in the installation period by 70%, rock wool board is basalt and other natural ore, etc as main raw materials, rock wool board by high temperature melting fiber forming, adding suitable amount of binder, curing processing and made of.Rock wool board products are suitable for industrial equipment, construction, ship insulation, sound insulation, etc.
1. Appearance quality: the surface is smooth and shall not be damaged or damaged by scars or stains that hinder the utility.
2. Combustion performance: grade A non-combustible
3. Temperature resistance :800 degrees.
4, moisture absorption :>200%
5. Capacity :≤150
6. Oxygen index :0
7. Thermal conductivity :0.04~0.055(w/mk)

Folding feature
The product in the process of bonding pressure, trimming, pressure groove, blanking, the formation of tongue-and-groove composite board, good integrity, high stiffness and impact resistance, shear resistance of mechanical properties and heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, moistureproof and other characteristics.Its board length is not restricted, can reach more than 12 meters, fully meet the technical design of fire requirements.And overcome the previous plate not enough integrity and stiffness, flexural and impact resistance of poor performance defects.
Color steel rock wool sandwich composite board: color steel plate for the surface layer, rock wool, fire prevention, flame retardant insulation materials as the core layer of the new building materials.Light weight, good heat insulation, sound absorption and sealing storage, convenient construction, short cycle, low comprehensive cost, bending resistance, corrosion, beautiful appearance and other obvious advantages.Quality features:
(1) heat insulation, thermal conductivity: 0.035w /M.K.
(2) high strength, can be used for envelope structure, load-bearing structure, bending and compression resistance, general building without beams and columns.
(3) bright color, no need for surface decoration.
(4) the installation is flexible and fast, and the construction period can be shortened by more than


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