Technical Plan for JMW100M10 Rock Wool Continuous

Sandwich Panel Line


The product of the production line--rock wool composite board is a new wall building material with the best functions of flame retardant, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, light weight and environmental protection. It can be widely used in the outer wall of high-rise buildings and high-grade office buildings for enclosure and decoration with a better function of flame retardant effect. Panel type mainly includes-----metal hard surface layer tongued and grooved wall panel, the surface material is formed steel plate, the effective width of the plate is 890mm, the upper and lower steel plate width is 940/940mm, and the color steel plate thickness is 0.4/0.5. /0.8mm, the lap joint method is the tongued and grooved type.

II.Components of the line

Roll wool sandwich line consists of decoiler(hard surface layer), film coat and pre-cut system(with cutting edge recoiling), roll forming machine, pre-heating system, rockwool system, the foaming system auxiliary components, double belt conveyor, double belt conveyor heating system, cutting system, stacking system, packing system and etc. The rock wool system consists of hoister, slitting cutting machine, 90°turn over array machine, upper and lower rock wool glue spraying system, dust absorption machine(clients can prepare it by themselves), conveyors and so on.

III.The main feature and advantage

JMW100M10 rock wool continuous sandwich panel line is one continuous and automatically line which integrate mechanism、electrical controlling、hydraulic system and polyurethane chemical reaction technology. The line adopt advanced international roll forming technology, polyurethane foaming technology, multispeed transmission technology, frequency conversion vector technology and hydraulic controlling technology. The whole line only needs

7-10 operators. The features of this line are following:


1. High automation. The whole line adopts one full computer integration

controlling system of digital servo technology, frequency conversion vector technology and hydraulic controlling technology, which realizes combined distribution, whole connection, collecting control and collecting management. Adopt cutting style of cut to length without machine stop, and make the stand-alone feature of whole line always keep constant speed, so that realize full automatically.

2. High efficiency. The production speed is 3~7m/min(adjustable according to product forming requirement). The annual product capacity of this line can reach to 800000 M 2 (counting on the basis of 250work days per year and 10 work hours per day)

3. Easy operation. Adopt collecting controlling system, using man-machine conversation. After preparing for the raw material and finishing other production requirements, input required parameters and cutting length of the panel material, then machine can make product automatically.

4. Low production cost. With machine’s developing automation, the whole line only needs 5-7 operators to operate the machine fully and make the machine running normally, the high efficiency production speed which saves much labor cost and production management cost for enterprises.

5. Economizing investment. The technical performances of this line reach the international advanced level. It can replace the international brands completely while its price is much lower than them, so that economizes foreign exchange and your investment.

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