15th October Canton Fair

Canton fair is China's longest, the highest level, the largest, most complete varieties, the largest to be buyers and most widely distributed country-region, with the best comprehensive international trade event, known as "China's first exhibition".

After 62 years of development, the Canton Fair has strengthened trade between China and the world. It is a high-quality platform for Chinese enterprises to explore the international market and is a guiding demonstration base for China's foreign trade development strategy. It has become the first promotion platform for China's foreign trade, a barometer and a weather vane for China's foreign trade, and a window, a microcosm and a symbol of China's opening to the outside world.www.ybtformingmachine.com

Exhibition contents:
1: cold bend channel steel, Angle steel, Z section steel, special steel, cold bending wave plate, square tubes, rectangular tubes, welded steel tube, rolling door, window frame, Angle steel, channel steel, steel beams, doors and windows , steel shelves stand, lamp bracket, solar stent, switchgear, elevator guide rail, guide rail cable bridge, highway guardrail, keel, three-dimensional library steel, construction steel, guide groove, channel steel, cardigan watts. Contour plate, car plate, color plate, sandwich panels, composite panels, corrugated board, arc board other etc.
2: cold bending steel in construction, doors and windows, steel structure, construction, new roof, mining, agricultural machinery, solar energy photovoltaic, transportation, Bridges, petrochemical, light industry, electronics, highway guardrails, cars, containers, formwork and scaffolding , railway vehicles, ships, steel sheet pile, transmission tower and other industries.
3: cold-formed steel manufacturing and processing equipment; Color steel tile equipment, rolling door equipment, door frame and door plate forming machine, knurling machine, metal sandwich board equipment, cold bending steel equipment, pressing plate equipment, c-shaped Z beam , h-beam equipment, steel plate equipment, rolling bending, bending, bending equipment, plate production line; Plate shearing (transverse shear, longitudinal shear) equipment; Plate pressing and rolling equipment, plate cutting equipment, shearing machine, bending machine, bar splitter, steel (iron) plate leveling and cutting machine, steel (iron) plate splitter and rewinding machine, rolling equipment.Uncoiling machine, flat head machine, cutting head and butt welder, looper, forming machine, straightening machine, flying saw, high-frequency welder, impedance; Pipe bender, reamer; Straightening machine, chamfering machine, cold bending forming series welded pipe set, spiral welded pipe set, high-frequency welding, induction welding and resistance welding equipment, shear saw blade.www.ybtformingmachine.com


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