Grain steel plate warehouse with conical bottom

Cone bottom grain steel silo, steel silo was also known as the bottom of the cone, cone bottom storehouse or cone bottom steel silo, it is a kind of a taper at the bottom of the galvanized corrugated sheet fabricated steel silo, divided into the warehouse, warehouse three parts of body and the bottom of the cone is mainly used to store free-flowing granular products such as corn, rice, wheat, soybeans, feed particles and materials such as plastic particles. The grain steel bin at the bottom of the cone is erected on the supporting steel frame structure so that the stored products can easily unload themselves under the action of gravity. Grain plate silos with prefabricated conical bottom have corrugated walls with smooth walls and no steps or flanges to allow the stored grain to drain easily from the silos. The grain plate silo at the bottom of the cone has a certain height with the ground, so as to prevent the storage material from being wet and to interconnect the adjacent steel plate silos through the transport device, so as to facilitate the grain extraction on demand.

The silo of the grain steel bunker at the bottom of the cone, the ring reinforcing band and the supporting steel frame are made of hot-dip galvanized corrugated steel. The bottom cone of the grain steel plate warehouse is designed in accordance with d-4097 or ASTM d-3299 standard. According to different storage of food and materials, the bottom of the cone Angle is usually designed to 45 DHS and 60 DHS, steel silo cone bottom structure depends on the product type to store, in general, the free flow of particles of food such as corn, wheat, soybeans, and design of feed particles into 45 ° Angle of cone bottom, and powder or other difficult to flow of material is suitable for 60 ° at the bottom of the cone.

Main features of grain steel silo with conical bottom

(1) high strength sealing bin roof with 25 inclination Angle.

The roof of the grain steel plate warehouse is supported by the radial umbrella steel structure, and the professional sealing technology realizes the close connection between the roof and the sidewall, ensuring the stability and impermeability under the large-span design load, and keeping the stored materials free from moisture.

(2) cylindrical silo.

The prefabricated grain steel plate silos are made of zinc-plated steel S350GD with high elastic tolerances. The coating is equivalent to 600g/m2 zinc. The wall panels are corrugated with reinforcing bars around them.

(3) galvanized plate tapered warehouse bottom.

The tapered bottom is assembled from prefabricated galvanized steel sheet, and the specially designed structure provides high strength and stiffness, which enables the steel sheet bin to be firmly and reliably supported for up to 28 years of service life.45 tapered bin bottom is easy to unload feed particles and other fine materials by weight.

(4) safe and convenient ladders and access ports.

The ladders made of high strength galvanized sheet by Shelley warehouse have rolling side and stamping rail, which can eliminate the rail rotation and easily climb to the access hole or the top of the warehouse, so as to check the grain storage status, check the top of the warehouse and overhaul the scraper conveyor.

(5) check the door.

Shelley storage steel silos are generally designed on the top and side of the steel silos and installed with inspection doors, which are generally designed in a square convenient switch, through the flexible cover to check the content and condition of grain and processing, in order to fully prevent water seepage to ensure the safety of storage of grain and materials.

(6) insulation layer.

Conical grain steel silos can be designed and installed with insulation to meet special material storage needs. The insulating layer of steel plate silo can effectively promote the best quality and constant temperature of stored products. It is widely used in places where the temperature difference between day and night is large and in wet places such as the beach. It is also widely used in cold weather all year round. The thermal insulation layer generally has three layers, the first layer is made of hot-dip galvanized corrugated steel silos; The second layer is made of high-quality insulation rock wool insulation layer; The third layer is colored steel or galvanized.colored steel or galvanized


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