Polyurethane sandwich panel introduction

Polyurethane sandwich board, also known as PU board and polyurethane composite board pu sandwich panel line, conforms to the national standard GB/T 23932-2009.Polyurethane sandwich board is used as the composite material of insulation layer, including single gold layer, double gold layer and non-metal surface, which is widely used for the protective system of logistics warehouse, factory workshop, roof and the wall of integrated house.This article is mainly to introduce the high fire index of polyurethane sandwich board.
Fire rating and performance of polyurethane sandwich board
Polyurethane sandwich board adopts advanced sandwich panel continuous production line, the internal and external coating and choi steel, aluminum and zinc on coated with polyurethane hard foam, finally by cooling solidification and forming, the leakage of sandwich roofing board can be polyurethane sandwich panel to their advantage to the fullest, for example, polyurethane sandwich board heat preservation performance is extremely good, because of its small coefficient of thermal conductivity, excellent insulation and fire prevention performance.Not only such, its appearance is beautiful and installation also is extremely convenient, avirulent and tasteless more harmless to human body, it is one of the first choice of material of roofing of goods accumulation place such as factory, warehouse, wall body.

The fire rating of polyurethane sandwich board reaches the B1 level of national standard, with excellent fire performance. Why is this?Here's why:
(1) the thermal conductivity of polyurethane is relatively low. When the density of rigid polyurethane is 35-40kg per cubic meter, the thermal conductivity of polyurethane is only 0.018-0.024/ (m.k), which is the lowest thermal conductivity among the insulation materials that have been developed at present, only half that of EPS.Not only that, polyurethane waterproof, moisture resistance performance is very good, polyurethane is a hydrophobic material, its closure rate is more than 90%, therefore, polyurethane will not lead to increased thermal conductivity because of water absorption, and the wall will not seepage;
(2) polyurethane is a kind of self-extinguishing material, which is difficult to burn after adding flame retardant.Polyurethane, which breaks down only at high temperatures, has a softening point above 250 degrees Celsius.
(3) polyurethane produces carbon when it is burned and accumulates on the foam surface, which helps to isolate oxygen from the foam at the bottom and prevent the spread of the fire. Moreover, polyurethane will not produce harmful gases at high temperatures and is harmless to human beings.
(4) because of its excellent fireproof performance, polyurethane can reduce the thickness of the wall, thus increasing the available indoor area;
(5) the porosity and structure of polyurethane are relatively stable, not easy to crack, strong security, service life is also higher than other insulation materials, relatively high comprehensive cost performance.www.ybtformingmachine.com


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