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Cable tray rolling forming machine is designed to make cable trays in batch fully automatically.Cable Tray System is used to support insulated cables or wiring for power control, communication and distribution.

Types Of Cable Tray in the market

Solid bottom cable tray
Ventilated cable tray
Ladder Tray
Cable tray cover
Channel cable tray

Cable tray forming line of equipment capacity: 

1, The production line can produce many sizes of cable tray according to producing requirement. (material steel width 100mm≤§≤860mm) 

2, Line speed:2.5-5M/min 

3, Continuous forming speed:10-15M/min 

4, Steel thickness:1-2.5mm 

5, Material : Mild steel ??? galvanized steel coil 

6, The production line divide into two operations: automatic &handle. It can work with linkage and subsection. 

Equipment overview:

1.Double cantilever gear drives, the producing width of machine is adjust continually, it is possible to change the width and height.
2. Rolling stations is 20 steps ,the main machine consists of AC motor,reducer,high precision liner rail, transmission box on left and right, horizontal adjustment system and rolling moulds. The machine base and transmission adopts welding structure , with hardness treatment, the material of roller is 45# steel.
3. The roll forming craft is made by the special Germany cold roll forming program COPRA; the craft is also made the FEA analysis and check. The structure of the rollers is combined, so the line speed difference and resisting force of roll forming is small. The sheet is easy to feed. All these assure the accuracy and stable of the roll forming.



4成型2 (2).jpg

Serial numberItemUnitParameters
1Suitable materialType
CR,HR Sheet;Galvanized Sheet
Coil internal diametermm500,600
Coil weightT5
3Line speedm/min25
4Roller material
D2 quenching treatment
5Roller driven type
External chain transmission
6Operating system
7Total motor powerKwAbout 65
8Electric control system
PLC automatic control system

Cable ladder roll forming machine is commonly used for cable management in commercial and industrial construction. This intelligent roll former could produce different types of cable trays like: Solid bottom cable tray, Trough cable tray, Channel cable tray, Perforated cable tray, Non perforated cable tray and Trunking cable tray etc. with different raw materials like: hot-dip galvanized steel, pre-galvanized steel, hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Thickness range of material is 0.6mm-1.2mm or 1-2mm. You could set up 10 different lengths for cable tray.

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Solid Bottom Cable Tray Forming Machine