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Wuxi YBT machinery Equipment co.,ltd established in 1998, specialize in cold roll forming machine and auto-producing line.To put customers'benefit on the first, we know our success comes from customers'success and support. We run this mind through the whole... 



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Steel Spiral Silo Roll Forming Machine Profiled Silo Wall Panel Rolling Equipment

Product description:

The cold roll forming line is specially offered for constructing spiral steel silo. The steel coil is decoiled to deliver the steel plate to the forming machine. Then the steel plate will be processed into the shape required. Subsequently, the bending machine is employed for bending and plate edge processing, to form a spiral strip with the width from 30-40mm. The spiral strip produced by the grain silo forming equipment is used to strengthen the silo structure.

The cold roll forming machine can be applied for bending two kinds of materials for on-site silo construction. The silo roof is assembled on the ground, requiring no scaffold or other auxiliary equipment, The cold roll forming line operated at the speed of 3-5m per minute, resulting in a short construction period.



Production Process


De-coiler—Feeding with guide→Straightening device→Rollformingmachine→Curving device→Run out table


Main Specifications

Coil MaterialThickness1.5-4.0mm
Coil widthDepend on customer's requires
Yield Strength250-350Mpa
MaterialGI. Carbon Steel
Decoiler / UncoilerCoil WidthMax. 1500mm
O.DMax. 1300mm
CapabilityMax. 10 Tons
Decoiler typeManual / Hydraulic/Automatic
Feeding & LevelingPinch feeding3 Units ( 6 Rollers )
Leveling7 Rollers ( Upper 3 Rollers, Bottom 4 Rollers )
Punching devicePunching motionHydraulic Punching, Post-punching
Punching diesCr12 Mov Steel, HRC58-62
Punching station1-2 Unites ( depend on hole patterns )
Punching in longitude controlled by PLC, punching at horizontal adjusted by manual hand wheel.
Cutting deviceCutting motionHydraulic Cutting, post-Cutting ( cutting sheet after forming )
Cutting bladesCr12Mov with heat treatment HRC58-62
Length MeasuringAutomatic length measuring by encoder & PLC.
Cutting Tolerance+/-1.5mm(per 3m)
Roll Forming MachineForming Stations17 Stations
Rectifying1 unit
Roller materialGCr15 steel, heat treatment
Diameter of shaft80mm
Shaft materialHigh-grade 45# steel
Drive typeChains
Forming speed0-15m/min
Main power22KW(11kw*2)
Servo motor2 Units
Electrical controlPLCPANASONIC Brand or Custom-made
InverterYASKAWA Brand or Custom-made
Touch screenMCGS Brand or Custom-made
Operation typeTouch screen & Button
Hydraulic StationHydraulic stationFamous Chinese brand
Hydraulic power30KW
Runout TableTable typeSimple non-power type
FunctionTo support the finished panels


Machine parts list

No.Equipment nameQuantity
15T hydraulic uncoiler1 set
2Leveling device1 set
3Servo feeding device1 set
4Press machine1 set
5Main roll forming machine1 set
6Hydraulic station1 set
7Control system( including control box)1 set
8Out tables2 set
9Spare parts1 package 

Sales service
1. We can arrange our technician to go abroad, but all the relevant cost should on the buyers side.
2. We provide technical support for the whole life of our machines.

Feature of our machine
1. Controlling by computer, PLC display, the operation is easy, running is steady and reliable, endurable, maintenance-free.
2. We can design it as per customers' requirements in terms of specification and configuration.

The assembled silo that is composed of galvanized corrugated sheet is widely used for the purpose of commercial grain storage around the world, and our assembled silo corrugated sheet roll forming machine is especially designed to manufacture such steel sheets

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