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NAME:Spiral Steel Silo Forming Machine:CONTROL SYSTEM:PLC Control
VOLTAGE:380V 50Hz 3phasesCONDITION:New
HIGH LIGHT:cold roll forming line, sheet metal roll forming machines

Spiral Steel Silo Forming Machine , Automatic Silo Forming Machine For Grain Bin


Description of Spiral Steel Silo Forming Machine:
For years we have focused on the spiral steel silo manufacturing technology, which is the world's most advanced technology for steel silo. Different from other steel silo forming machines, this spiral steel silo forming machine produces steel silo by a special kind of seam lock, not by welding or assembling. Our SM40 forming machine is similar to Germany Lipp machine.


Working Principles of Spiral Steel Silo Forming Machine:
First, this spiral steel silo forming machine rolls form 495mm wide, 2mm-4mm thick steel into 365mm wide strips, and then spiral seam locks them together into round silo. And the swage is about 30-40mm wide outside of the silo to reinforce the silo.


Working flow of Spiral Steel Silo Forming Machine:

Loading coil car -> Un-coiler -> guiding device -> feeder -> leveller -> shear roll former -> hydraulic press -> curving -> hydraulic cutting -> stacker -> PLC control


Technical Specification of Spiral Steel Silo Forming Machine:

Raw materialGalvanized steel2-4mm
Chromium-nickel steel2-3mm (Anti-corrosive)
Plastic-coated steel2-4mm
Width of raw material495mm
Diameter of finished spiral steel silo4.5-25m
Height of finished siloLess than 31.5m
Max. ratio between silo height and diameter5.75
Production speedLinear type: 5m/min


Composition of machine

No.Composition of machineQuantity
1Roll forming main machine1 unit
2Manual Uncoiler1 unit
3Control panel1 unit
4Cutting device1 unit
5Manual out table2 unit




We can also provide the machine for screw-joint assembly type steel silos.

As a forming machine manufacturer and supplier in China, Zhenhuan can provide high-quality roll forming machine, spiral duct forming machine, plasma cutting machine, welding machine and other forming machines for our global customers.


  • FQA


    1) Q: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

    A: We are a manufacturer.


    2) Q: Do you provide installing and training overseas?

    A: Overseas machine install and worker training services are optional.


    3) Q: How is your after-sales support?

    A: We provide technical support online as well as overseas services by skillful technicians.


    4) Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control?

    A: There is no tolerance regarding quality control. Quality control complies with ISO9001. Every machine has to past testing running before it's packed for shipment.


    5) How can I trust you that machines pasted testing running before shipping?

    A: 1) We record the testing video for your reference. Or,

    2) We welcome you to visit us and test the machine by yourself in our factory.


    6) Q: Do you have this roof panel roll forming machine in stock?

    A: No, machine is made to order.

The assembled silo that is composed of galvanized corrugated sheet is widely used for the purpose of commercial grain storage around the world, and our assembled silo corrugated sheet roll forming machine is especially designed to manufacture such steel sheets

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Spiral Steel Silo Forming Machine , Automatic Silo Forming Machine For Grain Bin